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Established in 2011, MySoda is a Finnish beverage industry company that wants to make your everyday life happier by adding some fizz.

MySoda manufactures sparkling soda makers, carbon dioxide and soft drink concentrates. The carbon dioxide used in our soft drinks is manufactured and bottled using wind power. The MySoda soft drink concentrates manufactured in Finland include a wide range of flavours, so you’re guaranteed to find your favourite! The concentrates are both sugar-free and naturally sweetened.

If you want the best, it’s worth doing it yourself. With MySoda, it’s easy to make a fizzy drink to suit your taste. Enjoy fresh fizzy water or add some flavour!

Fizzy water carbonated at home is good for your health. We want making fizzy water at home to be a part of everyone’s everyday life. Top-quality Nordic ingredients and the spirit of doing it yourself will make this a reality.

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No fuss, just fizz.

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