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Sparkling water maker – lets you decide how bubbly
you want to be today

You can make fizzy drinks at home in the blink of an eye. MySoda sparkling water makers make refreshing soft drinks in an instant—saving you time and effort. Make a drink all of your own: decide how fizzy you want your drink to be today. More for less is always better.

Sparkling Water Maker MySoda Oasis Evo

This sparkling water maker has everything you need to make fizzy water, without any unnecessary extras. Making fizzy water is easy for the whole family as the Quick-Lock mechanism makes mounting the bottle simple. Thanks to its small size and simple design, this sparkling water maker will soon be a favourite in every kitchen.

Sparkling Water Maker MySoda Oasis SuperNova

This is the perfect appliance for anyone who wants a little bit more from their sparkling water maker. MySoda SuperNova is a modern sparkling water maker with an elegant design. Thanks to its quiet sound and easy-to-use Quick-Lock mounting mechanism, it’s always a pleasure to use the SuperNova. The sparkling water maker’s simple design guarantees it will soon be a favourite in every kitchen.

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